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When using lwIP_enc28j60 the Wifi doesn't work

Hi everyone.

I’m migrating an working firmware from ArduinoIDE to PlatformIO. During the change I found out that UIPEthernet was replaced by a native lwip lib for ENC28j60. That’s great! I tried and it works very nicely.

PROBLEM: I can’t find a way to make WiFi work when ethernet is initialized. I can run the ENC library and use the asyncWebServer very nicely. The whole thing also works well with WiFi, even with SoftAP. The problem is that after calling


Wifi do not work properly anymore. Not even ping works once eth is started. The ETH interface keeps working properly, it’s only WiFi that breaks.

The calls:

WiFi.softAP() WiFi.begin() WiFi.WiFi.softAPIP() and WiFi.localIP()
all return true, but there’s no connection (on SoftAP the network doesn’t show up).

Any light from you Network Mages will be super appreciated!


  • Hardware: ESP8266
  • framework-arduinoespressif8266 3.30002.0 (3.0.2)
  • Operating System: Windows10
  • Module: WEMOS D1 R1
  • lwip Variant: lwIP_enc28j60 @ 1

Does this also appear when you use the Arduino IDE? If yes, you will want to talk with the library author for your lwIP_enc28j60 library about the problem.

Hi @maxgerhardt

Took me a while to make it work back in Arduino IDE but it also doesn’t work there.

I’ll try to contact the library author. Thanks!

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