What is this error message for? ld returned 1 exit status

I am now getting an error message that I did not get before.


What has changed?

So in which files are the classes MeEncoderOnBoard and MeGyro implemented?

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THANK YOU for that.

I can remove the error by going back to the original library. Finding out what work of mine causes the error will be more difficult.

There is also something wrong in your platformio.ini, as it references a dependency on Nintendo Extension rather than Nintendo Extension Ctrl and then seems to think there is a debug_tool library…

It will only be succeeding in finding the Nintendo Extension Ctrl library despite that mismatch in name because you have previously had the correct library listed, and hence it was downloaded and installed then.

What does your platformio.ini file look like presently?

I can see from a screenshot in another post you that debug_tool = jlink is indented… you need to remove the indent as that command is not being interpreted properly. The platformio.ini syntax is sensitive to indentation.