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πŸ“’ What has been missed in our ecosystem?


More developers using it and contributing to the ecosystem! One PlatformIO to rule them all! :laughing:

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Not by any means a dealbreaker for me, but the stability of the VSCode extension during startup could be improved. Often, when PIO is enabled, the VSCode extension host randomly crashes. Upon restarting it from the balloon notification that pops up, it usually starts working normally.

I don’t have a screenshot or anything atm, but if you tell me what you would need from me, I’d be more than happy to report back when it inevitably happens again.

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How to reproduce it? If disable PlatformIO extension, does VSCode extension work normally? Our extension is very simple and light-weight. It just wraps PlatformIO Core CLI functionality. It seems that other extensions are not stable or C/C++ extension.

If you can provide some logs, I would be thankful. Please report them to

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Yes, disabling the PIO extension will in my experience prevent the extension host from ever crashing. I share your confusion, however I refute that it’s a light one in comparison to other common VSCode extensions like C/C++, Python, etc. It’s load time is ~ and order of magnitude slower than most others on my i5-8250u and SATA SSD machine.

I’m not familiar with where PIO dumps its logs. Could you point me to where in the ~/.platformio folder the logs you would be looking for are? Like I said, I’d be more than happy to oblige.

Do you see any errors in VSCode > Help > Developer tools > Console?

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