What are the plans for Clion IDE

Being classified as experimental this IDE with features such as smart editor, code generation, code quality assurance, automated refactorings, on-the-fly code analysis, project manager, integrated version control systems and debugger looks very interesting from the application developer’s viewpoint.

I know a lot about the VSCode, so my inclination is heavily biased towards PlatformIO IDE — PlatformIO latest documentation but I would still like to know more about PlatformIO for CLion (experimental). It this also based on VSCode? If so, what is the reason for having two IDEs?

Yea, good question, let’s just skip VSCode and improve CLion xd

Jokes aside, everything has pros and cons. CLion and PIO are working… well… most of the time. It’s not perfect, but it is good enough.

And I happen to like Jetbrains products, so I’m happy I can use CLion for my PIO project. I’m used to their IDE’s philosophy, interface, REFACTORING tools, shortcuts, window managment, etc, etc.

VSCode is probably better supported, maybe even objectively better. IDK. I was never forced to try it xd

Thanks, @dvdnwk, I suspected that CLion ought to be someone’s preference. Indeed I like Jetbrains , but in this specific case, VSCode based IDE is my strong preference. As long as it is one of many IDEs I am happy