WeMos D1 Mini/ 8266- how to use?

There are several 8266 options, but none are the WeMos. Even Lolin only include the ESP-32 options.

How can I upload ?

ESP-8266 MOD

Try this: WeMos D1 R2 and mini — PlatformIO latest documentation

It might help.

How many boards do you have? You seem to have quite a few! :wink:


I’ll check it out.
I started with Uno, got the WeMos 8266, realized I really want BLE, so I got the DOIT DevKit. It’s a pain to upload, so I got the WeMos-32. That’s my main project machine now. I got the R32 because I really like the Uno form factor, and I guess I like WeMos. I just ordered a WeMos battery charger with ESP32 and OLED. I haven’t done anything with my LoRa pair or TTGO T-display. And Nanos. I bought an obsolete Adafruit Trinket Pro, but it doesn’t connect via COM. It has a blinking red and a green LED, so I’m thinking about using it as a Christmas tree ornament.

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Boo. Looks like I bricked it.