Weird Serial issue with an MSP430

I have an MSP430-FR5969

I have discovered something weird going on…

I have a Nextion display that communicates over serial at 9600 baud.

When you press a button it sends a text string with codes to show which button on which page has been pressed etc.

When the screen is connected to an Arduino Nano I get valid strings back which look like:

"65 0 4 0 ffff ffff ffff"

But when connected to the MSP430 the message back from the display is just garbled.

I can send data FROM the MSP430 to the display perfectly fine and control it no problem. But data received back from the display is garbled. The display is fine (as shown when connecting it to a Nano) so what is going on here?

Could you try your project using Energia IDE for debug?

Tried that. Exact same garbled output.

Please report this issue here