Web hook or request based library crawler

I know it comes up often, but I wondering if there are any plans or what the status is of a request-based library crawler. That is, I’d love to be able to ping your server when I put out a release on a library and have the re-indexing of my library happen faster than “within 24 hours.”

Basically… I’m really impatient.

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I know it’s either being worked on or is at least planned… Ivan has said in the past the current system is only a stopgap, and causes some other issues due to it not giving library authors control over when updates are published, etc. I expect it would also allow for manual refreshing of metadata as well, which would be nice.

Yes, we work on a totally new registry. The current workflow with our “crawler” will be frozen and be available for legacy libraries. The idea is to implement pio lib publish command where author be able personally to control releases.