Web application failing when using ESP32-WROVER-E RAM

I’ve gone through issues trying to set up a system that works with the ram in this chip, but it seems to be working now.

But now I can’t connect to anything, the ssl services keep returning errors, did i do something illegal with my partition table ? does the nvs need to have a minimum size to allow esp-tls to do its thing ?

I really don’t know into what direction to search here, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

My current error:
E (16252) esp-tls-mbedtls: mbedtls_ssl_setup returned -0x7f00
E (16252) esp-tls: create_ssl_handle failed
E (16252) esp-tls: Failed to open new connection
E (16262) TRANS_SSL: Failed to open a new connection
E (16262) HTTP_CLIENT: Connection failed, sock < 0

I’ve also tried looking at the error code but i am not too sure which one this corresponds to.

The partition table looks like this:

Name, Type, SubType, Offset, Size, Flags

nvs, data, nvs, 0x0000a000, 0x00003000,
otadata, data, ota, 0x0000d000, 0x00002000,
phy_init, data, phy, 0x0000f000, 0x00001000,
factory, app, factory, 0x00010000, 0x001db000,
ota_0, app, ota_0, 0x001f0000, 0x001db000,
storage, data, spiffs, 0x003cb000, 0x0001e000,’

sockets also constantly fail.
I can’t find anything on problems of using ram this way