Way in PlatformIO debugger to search for byte sequences (strings) in memory

Sometimes I would like to know, at which memory location a special byte sequence is actually stored.
I know, that I can select a certain memory range in which a can ‘manually’ look for a byte sequence.
What I would like to have is a command in PlatformIO where I could enter a byte sequence and would get a list of memory locations where this sequence is found.
I yet didn’t find a solution for this. Is there already a way that I didn’t discover?
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When you debug something you also have a “Debug Console” which gives you direct access to the underlying GDB client. Just ask GDB to do your bidding, as the GDB docs explain.

# possible forms
find [/sn] start_addr, +len, val1 [, val2, …]
find [/sn] start_addr, end_addr, val1 [, val2, …]

# example.
# search 300 bytes starting at the address of 
# a global variable, for the pattern 0xab 0xcd
find &someVar, +300, (unsigned char) 0xab, (unsigned char), 0xcd

Thanks @maxgerhardt,
this does the trick !