Wavgat arduino boards

Hello everyone,

So, not before long, I purchased some cheap nano clones for myself ( I got them from here).
They are great for their price, however, the sad part is that they are not supported by platformio.
I obviously spent a couple of hours trying to look around and perhaps understand how exactly I can get them to work, but nothing I did gave me the wanted results. So I finally yielded and installed Arduino IDE and followed the instruction to install the package provided by the aliexpress vendor (you can check it out here) .
It works flawlessly and I cannot complain. BUT! I would absolutely love it if I can also get it to work with platformIO. Can someone please, provide me with the necessary steps (or perhaps a link to some kind of information resource that explains) the steps necessary in order to make an environment that is compatible with these boards?

Thank you very much for your time.
Merry Christmas

Possible duplicate of this?

Honestly, I have read the full forum thread, and I also have tried most of the proposed solutions in it. Some of them I could not figure out how to install and use, but this and this I’ve tried with no success.
My main concern is that on the board itself, it says that the clock is 12mhz, and none of the installed platforms are for 12mhz clock frequency. The timing is all messed up no matter what clock speed I set in the .ini file, and the serial monitor is all nonsense. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong, or I am missing something plainly obvious, but so far, no luck.