VScode y PlatformIO help plis


help I have this problem with VScode and PlatformIO just stays there and doesn’t want to compile anything.

Executing task: C: \ Users \ jhordype \ .platformio \ penv \ Scripts \ platformio.exe run <

This is the only thing that comes out in the terminal, if there is nothing else left there and it does not continue, there is a similar case, someone who can guide me with the error and uninstall it and reinstall three times.

  • Open the folder where the project is in VSCode. Preferably, not as an administrator!
  • Click the “alien head” in the left side toolbar to open up the PlatformIO stuff. (Technical term!) :wink:
  • Click “Advanced”.
  • Click “Verbose Build”

When it hangs or works or fails, post the output please.


  • Click Help->Toggle Developer Tools in VSCode.
  • Click Console.

In the view that appears, is anything in red? Those are errors which might be affecting things. Yellow/Amber are warnings which may also be playing a part.

Post anything relevant here please.