VSCode (USER) ide

Did an update of vscode tonight and the ide suggested I download and install VSCode (user) instead.

I uninstalled my vscode, deleted my .vscode and .platformio dirs from my home directory (win10/64) and installed the VSCode (user).

Installed the platformio ide plugin. Then nothing. It never re-created the .platformio directory no matter what project I opened up. No drive IO to show any signs of life.

Is PlatformIO compatible?

So I uninstalled the user version. Removed .vscode and installed 1.14.2, as it was the only installer I kept. All worked fine, .platformio populated and could compile perfect.

It did an update to 1.26.0 (vscode) and stopped working. (no toolbar at bottom). I stopped, deleted existing .platformio and started. .platformio was not created and no signs of life in the ide.

1.26.0 appears to break platformio.

I’ve just upgraded VSCode to 1.26 in my VM Win10 and it works. Could try again?

I found another dir that wasn’t removed (%appdata%\Code) and even did a clean install with 1.26 with the same results. It’s as if the plugin doesn’t get activated.

Experiencing the same. Upgraded VSCode to 1.26, no more PlatformIO toolbar. (MacOS High Sierra)

I just installed the insiders edition (1.27) and it works just fine. Same machine so same configuration.

Was able to get it to work by removing Visual Studio Code, deleting its cache, reinstalling it.


Just an error it shows. No association with the platform io files at all.

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I just noticed the previous screen cap had a pending update. I did it and this is (the same) result.


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And to show the disconnect, “pio run” (path goes into the script dir in .platformio) executed in the project directory.


All bits are intact from before the upgrade.

In a dufus move, I updated the vscode on my main machine. It’s broken too, now.

It’s a real problem.

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Well, nothing like a bitter old man spitting vinegar as he broke all his development.

The problem:crap left over from old atom installs. Remove Python and CMake. It was probably the python.

I removed %appdata%\code, %home%.platformio and %home%.Code and did a complete re-install.

Somewhere along the way PlatformIO or VSCode devs changed the program pathing and left this mess.

My guess is this will nail old atom users than anything else.

(update) Not Fixed!

What this did was properly kick the platformio extension to install itself into the .platformio folder (it didn’t do it before) but stops there. The process does install a more modern version of python than I had before.

It’s as far as I can go without knowing what goes on under the hood.

Could you provide a console output from VSCode > Help > Toggle Developers Tools > Console?


What I have figured out so far

If you don’t have minor version .15 of python, VSCode doesn’t finish the install of the ide plugin.

If you “don’t” restore the ide prefs, it will work just fine.

    "git.enabled": false,
    "window.autoDetectHighContrast": false,
    "files.trimTrailingWhitespace": true,
    "files.autoSave": "afterDelay",
    "workbench.colorTheme": "Tomorrow Night Blue",
    "editor.tabSize": 4,
    "editor.accessibilitySupport": "off",
    "editor.detectIndentation": false,
    "editor.autoClosingBrackets": false,
    "editor.formatOnPaste": true,
    "editor.formatOnType": true,
    "editor.formatOnSave": true,
    "workbench.startupEditor": "none",
    "C_Cpp.autocomplete": "Default",
    "C_Cpp.clang_format_fallbackStyle": "{ BasedOnStyle: LLVM, UseTab: Never, IndentWidth: 4, ColumnLimit: 0 }",
    "C_Cpp.intelliSenseEngine": "Default",
    "C_Cpp.intelliSenseEngineFallback": "Disabled"

If I install the following prefs, it will instantly break platformio plugin.

And we have a winner!

“git.enabled”: false

Breaks PlatformIO plugin. Remove it and it works again. I don’t know what happened between 1.25.1 and 1.26, but this one slipped through. I don’t use/like git, but I will just have to sift through the annoying messages.

They have just update VSCode to 1.26.1. Does it work normally now?

It now reports it as an “unknown configuration setting”.

But it seems to ignore it and continue on as advertised.

I will try a reinstall of .13 of python and see if it fixed that too…later