VSCode + PlatformIO: Need support for the TTGO T-Camera board

Hello, I am using VSCode & PlatformIO for some time and very happy with it.
I am developing on the ESP32.
I am trying to start a new project with the TTGO T-Camera board (not the T-Camera Plus) and can’t find out how to do that as the board is not listed under the PlatformIO supported boards list.
I will very much appreciate your help in adding it in.
Thanks a lot!

I don’t see this board listed in arduino-esp32/boards.txt at master · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub.

PlatformIO mirrors at least everything that Arduino-ESP32 has – as said in TTGO T-Camera Plus support · Issue #190 · platformio/platform-espressif32 · GitHub.

However, this is not really an issue. The exact board = .. doesn’t matter a whole lot for ESP32-based boards, except for default pin assignments. Just chose any board that has the same type of ESP32 module on it (i.e, a WROVER or WROOM module).

As you can read in one of their example sketches, even they just use

The standard ESP32 Dev Module board selection. You should try that sketch, it seems to support various versions of the T-Camera board.

Thanks Maximilan for your quick reply.
The ESP32 rev that is on the board comes with 8MB PSRAM which is not standard and as far as I tried to understand, there is a need to define a new ESP32 for that to support the PSRAM. It is confusing… On the module I see that it is an ESP32-WROVER-B…
Can you direct me please to the correct ESP32 selection in PlatformIO that is this version?
Thanks a lot!

Activating PSRAM support can also be done per docs.

Thanks a lot, I will check it and hopefully it will work out.