VSCode+PlatformIO - Cant access mapped network drives?

Hi all,

I was just attempting to move from Atom to VSCode.
My projects are all stored in a mapped (has a windows drive letter) smb network share.
Atom can access these fine, but PlatformIO under VSCode only lists local PC physical drive letters.

Know bug? Any way around this?


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I can’t repoduce this. Both, VSCode’s “Open Folder…” dialog and PIO-Homes’s “Open PlatformIO Project” dialog, show all my mapped devices, harddrives and network smb shares.

Same issue here. I have to work on a shared drive and cant see them in the new/open project dialog box. I am on a Windows 10 enterprise 64-bit PC, running latest verison of vscode and platformIO(Core 4.1.0, Home 3.0.1)

What about the File -> Open Folder file browser (for an existing project)? Or is it just the PIO Home New/Open Project file browsers?