VSCode + PIO IDE + mbed: How to include the source files existing in framework-mbed while building

I wanna add a I2CEEBlockDevice class (while is in the components dir) instance in my mian.cpp, but it caused a not including error, which is showed as follows:

So how would i fix the problem? Modifying some kinds of configuration files? Add new files or …?
And if i wanna add the file system source files,which are same in the components dir, CAN I ALSO do the same way?

Usually you’d use the mbed_app.json configuration file to add the storage feature and subcomponents like shown in Unable to override target.components_add in mbed_library.json · Issue #10992 · ARMmbed/mbed-os · GitHub, but that was reported to have an error too. Either try that again or workaround it as the issue says.

Does it compile in mbed-studio or mbed-cli?