Vscode opens arduino readme and example browser every time I connect an esp32

I’ve searched the documentation (and the forum), but I haven’t found an answer to an issue I’ve been having since a few weeks. Probably because I really don’t know where I should start looking: vscode, platformio extension, platformio documentation on esp32, platformio documentation on arduino platform, …

I have an esp32 project (using the arduino framework) and every time I connect my esp32 board (any esp32 board, at least I’ve tried various, with various USB drivers) vscode opens two windows: one with a readme on the Arduino framework, and another one with a browser of Arduino examples.

Very helpful for beginners, but how can I disable this behaviour?

What’s the list of installed extensions in VSCode? Can you show a screenshot of how the opened windows look?

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Here is a screenshot of the two windows (tabs, actually) that are opened:


Extensions installed are:

  • Arduino 0.3.0
  • BBEdit Light theme 1.0.0
  • C/C++ 0.27.1
  • Docker 1.1.0
  • Native Debug 0.24.0
  • PlatformIO IDE 1.10.0
  • Python 2020.4.76186
  • reStructuredText 127.0.0

(and I’ve checked the settings for both Arduino and PlatformIO, obviously, but there wasn’t any option that seemed ever remotely related to this)

Well, answering my own question (at least sort of): the issue seems to be the Arduino extension. I’ve disabled it and the problem is gone: I can connect USB devices to my hearts desire and no windows are opened.

So I guess I’m going to move to a setup where all my vscode extensions are disabled and per workspace I only enable the extensions I need in that workspace (so that would be only C++ and PlatformIO for this workspace).

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Yup, that was definitely the problem… as those screens are nothing to do with PlatformIO.

There doesn’t seems to be a proper way to disable the readme / examples from being shown, which is quite annoying. Rather counter-intuitively, it can sort of be disabled… by disabling the whole USB auto-detection routine via the arduino.enableUSBDetection preference.