Vscode locking issue


I am having an issue with platformio and vscode on mac. I am running vscode 1.21, mac version 10.13.3 and pio latest. The issue is that at random times, the gui seems to be unresponsive. What happens is that i cannot do a commit, and the platformio toolbar becomes unresponsive, meaning i cant build, upload, clean, etc. what i notice is that the process called “Code Helper” shoots up in activity monitor to between 50 - 100% and if i force quit that, i get “extension host terminated unexpectedly” and if i restart extension host, platformio restarts and works normally. i cant seem to put a finger on whats causing this to start. i did a sample process before i force quit and it doesnt look right, though im not 100% sure waht im looking at. i can upload for you if you let me know where.

this happens every few minutes and is 100% repeatable for me. i tried delete vscode and reinstalling, and reinstalling platformio.


This is still happening. Any help?

Let’s experimenting with this

I have been having a similar issue. I upgraded to VSCode 1.26.0 and now the a message box pops up all the time saying “Extension host terminated unexpectedly”, with buttons saying “open developer tools” or “restart extension host”, and all the platformio buttons disappear from the status bar. I click the latter and the buttons all come back, but a few minutes later it happens again. It seems to be fairly random. Is it a VScode problem or a platformio problem?
:-\ Ian

What is your OS? I saw that some people also reported issues with update to VSCode 1.26.

Linux KDE Neon, Ubuntu based.

They have just update VSCode to 1.26.1. Does it work normally now?

Yes it seems to be fine now.