Since I am a newbie to PlatformIO I have a question on development with vscode for i.MX RT if bare-metal (firmware) development can be done and how … I am looking for a development IDE with debugging capability. I’d like to include
tflite-micro to have ml-development environment for i.MX RT.
I wonder if and how PlatformIO can be used?

With GitHub - platformio/platform-nxpimxrt: NXP i.MX RT: development platform for PlatformIO you can build bare-metal projects for some i.MX RT chips, just create any project with the target chip and any framework, then remove the framework = .. line in the platformio.ini to make it bare-metal. You will have to provide all files then, startup assembly, initialization code, etc. It might be easier if you try out platform-nxpimxrt/examples/zephyr-blink at develop · platformio/platform-nxpimxrt · GitHub first.

I have no comments on TensorFlow though since I haven’t used it.