Vscode ide bugs

  1. library search field sometimes is not clickable (focusable) and unable to type in search query
  2. it is unable to copy code sample from library.

While i am here: why isn’t library installed as lib_deps in platformio.ini, and why existing libraries (at lib_deps) are not recognized as installed in library manager at piohome?

While i am here #2: When i choose task upload and monitor or just monitor why am i asked which port to use? if upload did find appropriate port for flashing, why not use the same port?

I encounter this, as well. It seems to happen mostly if I don’t wait for the progress indicator to stop, which may take over a minute. When this happens, I close the PIO Home tab and open a new one. That usually gets it working again for a while.

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re: main question: I’ll just place this here :stuck_out_tongue:

So is that two questions, or one? As I haven’t had problems with libraries installing via lib_deps. As to why libraries installed via lib_deps don’t show up in on the Installed tab of the PIO libraries view… I don’t know… and hadn’t noticed that before… it only shows four of about two dozen projects present in the projects folder… weird.

Do you have multiple ports available? The upload logic will try to find the device you want to program, but perhaps the monitor logic doesn’t. I nomally just specifiy the upload and monitor ports manually in the platformio.ini.

soo many questions :smiley:
it looks like you found library “issue” as well

ports: i do have many ports, and actually many embedded devices connected to my PC. and again you found the “issue” as well :slight_smile: