Vscode - Cannot include private library - intellisense not working, and build fails

I am trying to include the ESP32-snippets as a private library under the lib folder, but it isn’t recognized. If i force add it (one time the VScode asked me if i wanted to add cpp_utils to the c_cpp_properties.json, which i know is auto-generated based on data in the platformio.ini file’, but doesn’t stay on reboot’

– cpp_utils/[files]

env_default = esp-wrover16

platform = espressif32
framework = espidf
board = esp-wrover16
lib_extra_dirs = /lib/cpp_utils/

OKay, got it working, but strange to me:

  1. Had to delete .platformio and reinstall it when I started VSCode.
  2. On platformio.ini, added the lib_extra_dirs = ~/CC_IoTGrill_EspIdf/lib/cpp_utils
  3. Compiled, and noticed that I needed to add #include <cpp_utils/WiFi.h>

I have to add cpp_utils to many of the files in my newly added library. Any way around that?

How to make the working directory handle multiple machines, and not just rely on my naming my folder every time I setup a repo pull from github?

I am trying to use the cpp_utils library in my platformio environment (VSCode), but having some problems.
Probably user error, but figured I would ask:

Now, I have to add cpp_utils to every include statement in every file in the cpp_utils folder … seems like there is anotther way but right now, still working through that.