VSCode 1.18 Build don't stop


When building a project in VSCode 1.18 the build task is active, also when building itself is ok.
The CPU load is 50%, so the computer becomes very slow.

When uploading, the build process is ok, but also there the task is running and needs to stop manually.
Update: this happens only on my MacBookPro15, on my old one there are no problems


Hm… I can’t reproduce it :frowning:

Could you restart VSCode and try again?


I make a complete new installation of Pio and vscode, but now I can’t start because
there is a connection timeout to PIOHome


Just close/open PIO Home again


Meanwhile it works, but the problem with the task persists. That is crazy.


Had this happen to me on the CLI, I left it, turns out it was the update process being incredibly slow, took like +5min to do the updates.


Yes, the update (Core and Platforms) is in the moment terrible slow also on Atom. I think that is also a reason for the timeouts. Meanwhile I have the Task-Problem also on my other Mac, it seems it comes with an update, but I don’t now which one (VSCode, C++ Tools, Pio ???).


Any solution for the problem?


Do you have multiple PIO Cores in a system? Could you try manually $ pio update from CLI?


in terminal off vscode
stefans-mbp:ETC OSC 3 sstaub$ $ pio update
bash: $: command not found
stefans-mbp:ETC OSC 3 sstaub$

sorry wrong command, following output:


Meanwhile I figured out that this problem occurs only with the Mac version.
On Windows there are no problems.


I use macOS and can’t reproduce it :frowning:


Making a complete clean install, no luck. I opened an issue on vsc GitHub site https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/39804

Update: There is an issue reported https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/37846


Users of the macOS version should not update to High Sierra 10.13.2 when you want to avoid problems with terminal. The guys from VSC are looking for a solution.


It seems that the problem will solved with version 1.19 of VSCode.


The last version of VS Code Insider solves the problem. The normal version will released soon.