VSC - Visual Studio Code - PlatformIO - HyperV - SERIAL PORT

I’m using HyperV virtual machine and I’m not able to select or force the serial port COM4 in VSC.
The Programmer AVRISP MKII is connected on the host.

When I make a RDP, I have to select the “Local resource” and enable “ports”.
When I check the “hardware manager”, COM 4 is not in the list but :

  1. I can download the arduino board with Arduino IDE because I see the COM4 in the list.

  2. With Visual studio, I don’t have COM4 in the list (so I can’t select it) but I’m able to write COM4 manualy and it works.

The question is : is it possible to select a serial port which is not in the Hardware manager in the VM ?

Remark : I also try to use another way with a “pipe” and the tool “NP2COM”. It work with PUTTY. I’m able to transmit or to see serial communication from my arduino board. But, I’m not able to flash the board (I try with arduino IDE, VSC and Visual studio). so, I suppose something is not compatible. Inn NP2COM, I have to select a fixed baudrate (I try with 115000 and 57600). Maybe this is the issue.

As a workarround, I’ll use avrdude in standalone to upload the hex in the µP.
If avrdude doesn’t detect the COM4 in the VM, then I’ll copy the hex to the Host HyperV then use avrdude on the host.
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