VSC PlatfromIO Status Bar

macOS Mojave 10.14.5
VSC v1.36.1
PlatformIO IDE 1.71

When I launch VSC the platform IO Status bar doesn’t seem to load, I have to go into extensions, enabled/disable it. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to check why it isn’t running?

I should see this:

If I disable and enable it works ok, just annoying having to do it every time I open VSC.

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I usually see this…


(sorry limited to one image in a post as a n00b!)

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And is this after you’ve opened a folder containing a platformio project? As the status bar icons only get added once platformio recognises the folder as being a platformio project.

i.e. (it’s a bit slow as I had some video encoding running in the background)…


To try and find out what’s going on… you can try opening the debug console… and see if anything gets mentioned there… interesting to note I got an error there which could be related to the first start of platformio after upgrade to v4…

You might want to enable the ‘preserve log’ option while doing that so it doesn’t clear whenever you open/close folders/workspaces/etc.



Thanks, I may have been being a little impatient… It’s not as bad as I thought but sometimes it’s failing… I’ll keep persevering and try to capture some log data.

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