VS Code -- Save Projet under a new name

I have finished a Project and i want to use the most of it in a new project. Most other IDE’s offer something like “save project under a new name” but i can’t find it in VS Code with platformio.
Could anybody help?

Thanks in advance


Indeed, VSCode doesn’t support renaming workspace folders. But PlatformIO has the option as discussed in Feature request: “Save Copy Of Project As…” option · Issue #2634 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

Or without any plugin functionality, old-school, you’ll have to rightclick on the project in the VSCode workspace explorer → Reveal in File Explorer", then rightclick and “Remove folder from workspace”, rename the folder in the opened Windows explorer, then re-import it with rightclick in workspace explorer → “Add folder to workspace”.

Thank you. A little bit hidden, but that i was looking for.