VS Code - PlatformIO - SC01 Plus

Good morning people, how are you?
I bought a board called SC01 Plus 3.5 ( ESP32-S3 / Flash 16M / PSRAM 2M)
I don’t know if the card came burned, because I can’t record anything on it.
I’m in VS Code with Platform IO, but when creating the project, I don’t know which option to choose.
Can anybody help me ? Has anyone used this board? The seller sent me this link ( GitHub - wireless-tag-com/ZX3D50CE02S: ZX3D50CE02S )

I am not sure about your board but i shoudl try with

I believe I screwed up.
I uploaded this program on the board, now the serial no longer appears to make new recordings.
The ESP looks like it saw a USB stick.
How can I reset SC01 Plus 3.5 to factory default? Or how can I record a correct program now?
See attached images
Thanks in advance for your help, I have a problem