VS Code PIO Remote Not Working

Hi, I run VS Code 1.76 on Windows 11 with the PIO plugin * Core 6.1.6 * Home 3.4.3 on a powerful workstation.

I also use a light weight tablet which takes 15 mins to compile and upload ESP32 code… The plan is to code and build on the workstation with RDP from the tablet, which is connected to the microcontroller. This principally works through the command line.
However, none of the PIO extension menu entries have any effect. Nothing happens when clicking on ‘Remote Devices’ or anything.

Any ideas what is going on here please? Thanks

  1. Can you send the logs?
  2. Can you describe the PC - Tablet - Microcontroller in details? Like who connects to the microcontroller, who connects to the pio network, etc.