VS Code PIO Home loading problem

I’m struggling to open PIO on my office windows 10 computer.
my network is proxy enable and i tried to add proxy different way but failed1

Thanks for any help in advance.


Do you have a firewall on your local machine?

Thanks for your reply. Yes i have a active firewall on my computer. And after your comment i added and allowed visual studio code on my machine firewall. But still no luck

Does any of the information here help at all? Maybe the proxy bypass command-line parameter (since PIO Home is served from that machine, so shouldn’t need to go through the proxy)?

You need to add to whitelist %USER_HOME/.platformio folder.

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Thanks for your reply, what i add to whitelist i don’t understand. can you please clear more.

I’m trying to find the problem. For just check i opened platformio’s index.html file, link is “C:\Users\basher_samiul.platformio\packages\contrib-piohome\index.html”

Then error come with WebSocket connection to ‘ws://’. Maybe PlatformIO Team will help me to fixed this problem.web%20cunn%20problem

I think Ivan means to whitelist the %USERPROFILE%\.platformio folder in your anti-virus, in case it is playing up.

What happens if you run pio home from the VSCode terminal? Do you get any errors, or permission popups from your firewall? Is port 8008 allowed? Do the WebSocket errors go away if you reload the index.html page then (ie. the errors you got if the mini platformio home page web server isn’t running or you’re not connecting to it).

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Thank you for your kind help. using vs code terminal also got error.

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I had similar problem and the cause was Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Windows Defender doesn’t have any issues with PlatformIO.


Thank you @azarubkin. Disabling the Kaspersky Anti-Virus solved my problem.

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