VS Code #include <Arduino> command-line error invalid macro definition

Here’s the error:
command-line error: invalid macro definition: -DCM4_BINARY_START=0x08100000

Here’s the instructional video I followed:

I’m new to this environment. Just installed VS Code, Arduino, and PlatformIO. I just wanted to setup and get familiar with my environment . It does build successfully but I get that error in the IDE.

I don’t have my hardware to connect to yet. Would my error be because of that?

How do macros for a Cortex-M4 seep into your environment when you followed the video to create a Arduino Nano project? o_O

Please show the contents of your platformio.ini and your file structure in the VSCode file explorer.


Not reproducable.


Make sure you don’t have conflicting VSCode extensions installed… PlatformIO, C/C++ by Microsoft and Python by Microsoft should be fine.