VS Code, ESP8266, non-RTOS (NONOS-sdk) project creation

Hi folks, I just created a project for a NodeMCU 12E using PIO on VS Code all on Debian Linux. PIO did not create any source files. Here is what it provided.

├── include
│   └── README
├── lib
│   └── README
├── platformio.ini
├── src
└── test
    └── README

4 directories, 4 files

Is this to be expected? The “PROBLEMS” tab lists 16 problems such as


Whereas the line that precedes that was not reported as a problem.


Are these really problems?


Edit: For now I can use the esp8266-nonos-sdk-blink project as a starting point.

This folder does indeed not exist, the builder code is wrong there

But given the total state of ESP8266 NonOS (and RTOS) SDK support which is years behind the current one (PlatformIO: 2.1.0, current: 3.0.5), I would not use PlatformIO for this framework anyways.

Thanks for the suggestion. That leaves me with two questions:

  1. How did you determine that the support for ESP8266 NonOS (and RTOS) SDK is that far behind?
  2. The other framework options I see in the project wizard are Arduino and Simba. Are either of these more current? (I’d really prefer to try something other than Arduino as I have a project that uses that and has a couple issues. (*) )
  3. Or would you recommend I use the nonos-sdk w/out PlatformIO? (It makes me lazy too! :wink: )

OK, three questions.

(*) The issues with the Arduino based program are that.

  1. If I don’t use Serial output, the connection to a BME280 stops working.
  2. If I connect to the USB/tty and read output, the program will run for over 10 days (before I got tired of waiting and pulled the plug.) If I power it from a wall wort, it stops operating in a day or two. I suspect that if console output is not read, it eventually uses all available RAM and locks the device up and w/out resetting.

I’ve put some hours into trying to track these down and feel my time would be better spent trying a hopefully more robust framework