Visual Studio not recognizing Arduino commands?

I don’t make a living programming, but I’ve been doing it as a hobby for many many years … I got the PlatformIO IDE installed and even successfully compiled and uploaded an empty sketch into my Uno … but when I try to create a more complicated sketch, it seems like the development environment is oblivious to Arduino specific commands … What makes me think that? Well, have a look at this screen shot…

What is it that I need to do to make sure that the IDE is “aware” of Arduino commands? I assume this would also enable code completion etc. etc. I’m using MacOS if that matters…

Thank you,

Mike Sims

Do you have the Arudino.h included? Have you tried to rebuild the IntelliSense index by pushing ctrl+shift+p in VSCode and then type PlatformIO: Rebuild IntelliSense Index?


Had that problem too at first - as said: always include Arduino.h on top.
Or just have POI generate a new project, then paste main.cpp after said first include.

No, I have not tried that but I didn’t know about it either … I did actually remove the entire visual studio app and all plugins then I removed all CLI PlatformIO so that I could start clean and when I re-installed everything, the intellisense seems to be working even if I leave the file as an .INO file. So far so good … of course I’ll check back if I have any other issue but for the moment, I’ve got everything working pretty smoothly.

It’s nice to have code completion and a more “mature” development environment with an Arduino sketch … it kind of brings the whole experience out of grade school and into college … so to speak… :slight_smile:

I like the idea of generating a new project then copying things over instead of importing … thanks for the heads up on that!


Makes sense with something as complex as POI - all the folders are in place, you get your .git files and the .ini is already pre-configured for basic use.