Visual Studio Code support

Any chance on making PlatformIO available for Visual Studio Code?

Here is more info on VS Code Extensions:

and publishing to the gallery:



Thanks a lot for your request. We will create an extension for Microsoft VS Code as soon as possible.
Stay tuned with us on Twitter @PlatformIO_Org.

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I was actually thinking of creating such extension and came across this post. How’s the work going? Is there something we can contribute?


Official PlatformIO IDE for VSCode is out!

I started using VSCode recently and I like it more and more with every day. PlatformIO integration would be very welcome but I’m definitely not ready to learn TypeScript to write it myself. :wink:

Hi friends, I have just created a PlatformIO extension for VS Code. You could install and have a try. :smiley:
In the initial release, it supports below basic function:

  • Build PlatformIO project
  • Upload firmware to devices
  • Open Serial Monitor

Currently, the extension is in the very initial phase. If you find any bug or have any suggestion/feature request, please submit the issues to the GitHub Repo.

PlatformIO is really cool! Much better than Arduino IDE. :smile: Let’s make PlatformIO better and better.


At your request, sire. :smiley:

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