Visual studio code build verbose option

Hi, in the terminal output I see this when building:
Verbose mode can be enabled via -v, --verbose option

But I can’t seem to find where to set this in settings. I tried settings:c_cpp logging lever to “information” but this didn’t seem to have any affect.

Does anyone know how to set visual studio code builds to verbose?


The project tasks give you a Build and Verbose Build option, same for upload. The “Build” invokes pio run and thus you get the message that you can enable verbose mode by running pio run -v, and “Verbose Build” does run it with pio run -v so this message doesn’t appear.

In short: The -v option refers to the PlatformIO CLI usage (which the buld tasks invoke), just use the “Verbose” version of the task to get it.


Outstanding! So simple. Thanks!

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