Vim linting (ale) and autocomplete (you complete me)


I am just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting linting with vim ale to work. I like ale a lot better than syntastic because it’s async.

Also, I saw the you complete me bit in the docs but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to put Any help is appreciated.

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If you google around for you’ll find more usages, and some people hinting at the location. this page mentions it is placed in your homedir. Oh, and here are the You Complete Me docs that mention the config file and how/where YCM looks for it.

I’ve replied to you linting question on github. Shouldn’t be difficult, but a quick search on ALE config options/flags/variables gave me nothing.

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Thanks for the help. I started working on ale-platformio.vim and it seems to work ok. One thing I did notice is that findfile("platformio.ini", ".;") doesn’t work if you start vim in a directory.