Versions of arduino-esp32 and esp-idf

I’m trying track a complex issue in my code. For this i need to check different versions of arduino-esp32 and esp-idf cores. How does platformio control which version is used?

In platform.json there are version numbers, but i can’t find corresponding version numbers in the github repos of arduino-esp32 and esp-idf?

 "framework-arduinoespressif32": {
      "type": "framework",
      "optional": true,
      "version": "~2.10000.0"
    "framework-espidf": {
      "type": "framework",
      "optional": true,
      "version": "~3.30101.0"
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@ivankravets could you give me a pointer to how this works, please? thx.

See Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation

If you need to specify a commit, use More details Redirecting...

@ivankravets I know how this works in general. But can’t find out which arduino-esp32 commit is grabbed by the version statement. How is mapping done between this version number and a certain commit / release of the arduino-esp32 library?

I had a similar issue and I solved it this way:


Is this what you were looking for?

I know how to load a certain version of the arduino-esp32 library. My question is which library version is grabbed by the statement “~2.10000.0”?


It’s 1.0.0 release, see Y from X.Y.Z in version => GitHub - espressif/arduino-esp32 at 1.0.0

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