Using STM32duino core for Nucleo board

I really think I am going to like pio once I get used to it and know my way around. It is a lot to
take in as far as how the different pieces work together ie. vsc-pio-c/c++

I have some questions.
I have had some include directory problems and when that did happen I clicked on the light bulb icon which told me exactly how to solve the problem. It would open up C\C++ extension and I could add directories. How do I open up C/C++ without having a problem open it up for me to take a look at the settings for the project I am currently in.


Welcome, and yes, I think you will… I certainly won’t be going back to the Arduino IDE, etc, after moving to platformio.

Do you mean editing the c_cpp_properties.json file? If so, that’s not a good idea, hence the !!! WARNING !!! AUTO-GENERATED FILE, PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY IT AND USE notice at the top of the file.

If you need to add a include directory, use the -Idir-to-include parameter of build_flags in your platformio.ini … then platformio will automatically add those include directories as needed when the file is regenerated.

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I know to not edit those json files they are dynamic. It seems like anytime I need to modify the setup it is done via my platformio.ini file ? Clicking on the light bulb brought me to the C/C++ extension where I could add include directories and change other settings in regard to the compiler etc… No way to get back there without the light bulb taking me there ? It was just so convenient.

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Yup, that’s pretty much it… the platformio.ini file controls everything about the project - compile, upload, debug, etc.

The light bulb thingy sounds like it would be taking you to the C/C++ preferences… so go File -> Preferences -> Settings, open up the Extensions category, and then click on C/C++.

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Ok, thanks for that info pfeerick.

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