Using platformio.ini to add library, that has a private library in /lib folder, to a project

Hello everyone,

I am adding my own library from e.g. a local folder (I also have published the library, too). The library itself is GitHub - divStar/ahmsville-dial2-hardware-sensors: AhmsVille Dial 2 Hardware Sensors, which is based on GitHub - divStar/ahmsville-dial2-abstract-sensors: AhmsVille Dial 2 Abstract Sensors. I have added a main.cpp to the hardware sensors library and it compiles fine (aside of a few warnings here and there due to using build_flags = -std=gnu++17 and build_unflags = -std=gnu++11).

This library contains a custom mpu6050 library in the lib folder and I have no errors when e.g. looking at HardwareSpaceNavigatorSensorAdapter in the hardware sensors project itself.

But when I import this project using the platformio.ini file of the actual firmware project, that I am working on, instead of accepting #include <MPU6050.h> the application expects me to change paths and #include <../lib/mpu6050-custom/MPU6050.h> would work, but I would like to avoid having to change my library after including it.

How to export the library (mpu6050-custom), which resides in my lib folder of the hardware sensors project in such a way, that when including it via platformio.ini in the actual project where I want to use those hardware sensors, it would find this library just as expected?

Perhaps I should have set something in the library.json, e.g. lib_dir or something?

I would like to not have to modify my library after importing just to have it work in my firmware project.

Edit: I checked a couple of suggested topics (e.g. Private library with library.json ignored in libs folder - #5 by yamaan93), but it did not give me a clue on how to solve this issue.