Using platformio ci with a prj.conf file for Zephyr


I’ve been able to compile my project for Zephyr using platformio run ..., a platformio.ini file and the Zephyr configuration files. However, I’d like to add CI to it using platformio ci instead of the custom scripts I currently have, but I can’t seem to get platformio ci to find the prj.conf file I need for my Zephyr application. I can’t find any option to pass to platformio ci any Zephyr-specific files, what is the proper way of integrating that with Zephyr?


Can’t pio run be still used, too? Per e.g. docs.

Maybe @ivankravets has additional ideas.

Yes, I use pio run, though I have to set up a PlatformIO project before I can build it (see Add CI for Zephyr by esteve · Pull Request #28 · eclipse-zenoh/zenoh-pico · GitHub). I was wondering if it’s possible to do it all from one command line call, i.e. pass the path to Zephyr’s prj.conf as an option, instead of setting up a project structure.