Using PlatformIO and Visual Studio Code for the firmware of a commercial product

I decided to create a commercial product based on ESP-WROOM-02.
If I use PlatformIO and Visual Studio Code for developing the firmware of the product and
if I choose “Arduino” for framework in the Project Wizard, which license should I comply with -
Apache 2.0 or GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1.

Thanks a lot


The general Arduino page has licensing information; if you have a specific Arduno-Core implementation (for e.g. ESP32) then also their core-licensing plays a role (which is LGPL in this case). However I am not a lawyer and not sure how the licensing of the build-system (PlatformIO) plays a role in the licensing of a commercial product though, maybe @ivankravets can help here.

PlatformIO is licensed under Apache 2.0, so, you can use it without any problems. The other problem is a framework that you use in a project. However, if you don’t modify the original ESP32 Arduino core - you should not worry about any license. Please note, I’m not a lawyer too.

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