Using Mbed Libs with arduino libs with Arduino Nanao 33 BLR

i was told, thatrno Nanao 33 Ble is based on Mbed .
I saw asimple example on ow to use Mbed RTOS and mixed it with arduino framework.

Is it posible to use any mbed lib together with this board and arduinoramework ?

“Any” is hard word there. In the Arduino Nano 33 BLE case, they use a precompiled-version of mbed-os as a base to implement the Arduino API. So you essentially have both. This is also mentioned in their documentation

Of course the mbed-os library has to be compatible with the hardware you are running it on, and also work with the precompiled mbed-os version that is included in this core. Note that that mbed-os version may not have all compile-time features turned on, so that is for you to see.

I ask in a slightly different way:
Is is possible to use linraries in platform io that are indicated by mbed as active framework, to use with Arduino nanao 33 ble ?
By mixing arduino and mbed ?
Or was it meant touse only mbed base classes tohether with arduino on this board ?

From my understanding, yes. You might need to use lib_compat = off in this case if PlatformIO’s library dependency finder complains about compatibility when a library declared as mbed runs on framework = arduino, which in this special case is wrong. Also As linked in the documentation above, you might need to add some using namespace mbed; in the library code if the library can’t find some mbed-os objects.

If you have a specific error or library in mind, please post that.