Using local git version of ESP8266

Good afternoon,

Currently there are several packages for ESP8266

esp8266 and esp8266_stage

Would is be possible to ?(once you have converted pio to use the esp8266 arduino folder directly) to have an
esp8266_local platform so that you can use your own locally pulled git version? This would help a lot with building and developing the framework as well.

you could then have a variable to point to the directory / even the git version you with to checkout?

for example

src_dir = ./MySONOFF ; keeps arduino happy :)
data_dir = ./MySONOFF/data

lib_deps = ArduinoJson, ESPAsyncTCP, ESPAsyncWebServer, AsyncMqttClient, Bounce2
upload_port = ; testdevice
;upload_port = /dev/cu.Repleo*
upload_speed = 961600


platform = espressif8266_local
platform_dir = /mydir/esp8266
framework = arduino
board = esp12e
build_flags = -Wl,-Tesp8266.flash.4m.ld 
board_flash_mode = qio
board_f_cpu = 160000000L
board_f_flash = 80000000L
upload_port = ${common.upload_port}
upload_speed = ${common.upload_speed}
lib_deps = ${common.lib_deps}

Thanks for the report! Fixed in