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Using lib_extra_dirs appears to create multiple entries in Installed list in Libraries

Visual Studio Code 1.49.0 on Windows 10.0.18363
PlatformIO Core 5.0.1 Home 3.3.0

I’ve a number of projects where I am using lib_extra_dirs (as the libraries are not installed globally). In the Libraries Installed view, the storage location is repeated multiple times, even though they expand to show the same libraries.

I have six libraries at the folder location, but it’s not clear why the folder is repeated four times. The projects using the lib_extra_dirs are not in the workspace, so I presume platformio is storing the path somewhere (I couldn’t find any documentation on that)? Is it possible that one entry is created/cached for each project that has ever used that lib_extra_dirs location?


Possible GUI bug @ivankravets.


Please file an issue at and make a reference to this thread. Thanks!