Using github with VScode

I have been using github desktop (and sometimes git bash cli) to version control my code for a few years. Now using VSCode and PIO, I have installed the github extension. When I commit my changes using the github extension features, the description is limited to 50 characters. I’ve looked in the VScode preferences → setting for Github, but didn’t find a setting for a char lmit.

A search of the settings for ‘commit’ finds 81 references; I didn’t think I’d work through them all.

Thanks very much If anyone knows the answer…

From Git commit message limited to 50 characters while other tools dont have that limit · Issue #103803 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub we have this:

Settings to control this are: git.inputValidationLength , git.inputValidationSubjectLength

So, search the settings for “git.input” and you will find that which you seek! :wink: There are three options but I would simply set Git Input Validation to OFF.