Using ESP32 for WiFi + BLE working together

I am working on ESP32- WROOM -32D , for WIFI+ BLE , both working at the same time . There are 2 different FreeRtos task for wifi and ble to work together , Wifi is accessed in AP mode to host a webserver storing the filesystem in SPIFFS , some of the parameters displayed on webserver gets update continously . On the other hand I also want BLE to show the same updated parameters . Both the freertos task runs properly , BLE works as required but the webpages does not get load on the webserver though we can connect to the esp network . As soon as I remove the BLE init part from the code the webserver works as required. IDE used is platformio using Arduino framework. Please help me find the what I am doing wrong . Thanks in advance .

BLE + WiFi should be able to coexist. I would recommend you to open an issue at Issues · espressif/arduino-esp32 · GitHub with the smallest code that reproduces the problem.

Thanks you @maxgerhardt, for sure I will open an issue as per your suggestion.