Using directory junctions has no effect

I use PlatformIO on my laptop with Windows 7. My user name contains non-latin characters. I’ve created a subdirectory in my home dir for PlatformIO projects. To work around the bugs triggered by non-latin paths, I’ve created a symlink (i.e. directory junction) to that subdirectory (C:\Temp\PlatformIO Projects).

I’ve created the project in C:\Temp\PlatformIO Projects\myproject. But when I rebuild C/C++ project index, I get a notification that index for project “C:\Users\Пользователь\Documents\PlatformIO Projects\myproject” will be rebuilt. Somehow PlatformIO uses real project path, even though I’ve opened it through symlink. Rebuild fails.

Please consider if it is a bug, then I’ll post it as an issue in GitHub.

Yes, please file an issue here Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub