Using BLE with the RP2040 referencing the RP Pico W

I have been searching out ways to program the BLE with the RP2040 in platformio. Since Raspberry pi has the Raspberry pi pico W board that has wifi/bluetooth I wanted to try it programming with arduino in platformio. There looks to be support for wifi/bluetooth programming micropython and c++ via the sdk but I didn’t find anything for platformio and arduino.

I am able to blink the built on LED of the PicoW in platformio by using this configuration in my ini file:

platform =
board = rpipicow
framework = arduino
monitor_speed = 115200

Am I looking at this all wrong or is there just no support for wifi/bluetooth on the PicoW at the moment for platformio?

No support? The Arduino-Pico core is full of support for BLE support libraries:

KeyboardBLE, MousBLE, JoystickBLE

Same as

For PlatformIO specifically

This is my first attempt at doing something like this, so I’m not familiar where to look for support. I appreciate your feedback.