Using an Raspberry Pico as picoprobe debugger for another RP2040 based board

Hi at all,
Now I’m working whit a board based on RP2040 so for debug it I would like to set another RP2040 as debugger.

I’m working from Windows 10 fully updated and I tried OpenOCD native installation and also using it whit PlatformIO on VSCode but nothing works!

My Environment:

  • Pico Probe software: I downloaded the latest debugprobe.uf2 realise from debugprobe and flashed into the Raspberry Pico
  • I wired the two boards as seen in the Raspberry Pico starting guide Apendix A
  • I setted up OpenOCD following the same Apendix A of above
  • and I also tried this .ino configuration on PlatformIO:
platform =
board = pico
framework = arduino
board_build.core = earlephilhower
board_build.filesystem_size = 0m
debug_tool = cmsis-dap
upload_protocol = cmsis-dap
debug_speed = 30000
build_type = debug

SO, nothing works and those are the results:

If anyone can help me is wonderful… I’m becoming crazy!!


The last screenshot looks kind of good, it at least finds the debug adapter, but it was unable to connect to the target RP2040 chip. This is likely because

you did this this step wrong, the debugprobe.uf2 is for the “Debug Probe” hardware and changes the SWDIO/SWCLK pinout. (GP2/3 for SWCLK/SWDIO in picoprobe.uf2, GP12/14 for debugprobe.uf2)

You need to flash the picoprobe.uf2 on your regular Pi Pico.

Make sure to follow the right pinout then as documented, if not already the case.

I didn’t think it was relevant but yesterday I tried also that firmware, now I’ve retried and nothing is different!

So now I check another time the wiring and I made another test, so I uploaded a blink program on the DUT whit classical method, then I connected it to the debugger and noting seems working, so I measure Vin voltage and the surprise: my second board is not the official one and VSYS pin has not the VSYS volt because is called Vin (later I’ll check what is exactly) so it didn’t power on the target RP2040!!

Changed VSYS whit VBUS and all it’s working!


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