Use STM32Cube with cmsis_os2.h

Hi, I’m trying to run the RTOS found in cmsis_os2.h for the board st 32l476 (disco_l476vg). When I try to include the file the compiler says it can’t find it. I know that’s because it doesn’t point to it so I tried importing the whole RTOS2 folder from the framework-cmsis/CMSIS folder, but there are too many interdependencies.

My class is using the Keil IDE and it apparently works (I can’t get that one to work because I haven’t been using it all semester).

Any and all help is appreciated.

Post your current project (source and platformio.ini) for reproduction, zip file or github repo.

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Here’s the github repo I just made from my project:

OSProject Repo

See Make project compile by maxgerhardt · Pull Request #1 · JLewinski/OSProject · GitHub

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Thanks for your help. I’ll see if I can get it to run on the board.