Use Github "sub" repository?

I have a Github repo I am using as a development test bed for a library, that lives in another directory below and is a Github repo itself.

I used to be able to work on both repositiories simultaneously without problems before, but it seems since PlatformIO 3.0 something has changed.

What I see now is this:

I was used to have the bottom eModbus lib line to look like the upper one for Unibridge to commit changes etc.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thy syntax highlighting for this in VSCode is just wrong. <repo_link>#branch is still perfectly valid, no need to worry, see lib_deps — PlatformIO latest documentation.

I was not clear enough - I am referring to the tree list to the left.

Unibridge is listed as a Github repo with its branch “New-core” and the list of changed files below, but the eModbus line just has a small list icon in front, “lib” behind it and a yellow “M” to signal modifications. I am missing the whole Github Monty here like Unibridge has it.

What the…?

Believe it or not: as soon as I deactivated the “C++ runner” MSVSC extension, the expected contols popped up again?