Uploading without compiling a new binary file

Hey all,

I am currently using the platformio CLI in both wsl and windows powershell. My plan is to compile my project inside of wsl so that it can produce the bin file. Then I want to switch over to my powershell to run “pio run -t nobuild -t upload” because I have my stlink drivers installed in the windows environment and you can’t even use usb on wsl 1 anyways (I have tried wsl 2 but it just was too much of a headache). So this works and I get a bin file from my wsl terminal using “pio run”. I can see the file exists and I have navigated to it via powershell to double check. I run the command with the nobuild option and it throws this error:

“Processing nucleo_f446re (platform: ststm32; board: nucleo_f446re; framework: mbed)
Verbose mode can be enabled via -v, --verbose option
*** [nobuild] Source .pio\build\nucleo_f446re\firmware.bin' not found, needed by target nobuild’.”

After going back into nucleo_f446re I find the the folder is not entirely empty except for a file called “.sconsign311.dblite” when before the command the folder looked like this

I don’t believe my code is relevant to the problem and my ini file has nothing in it except the default after “pio project init -b nucleo_f446re”.