Uploading to the Nuvoton MS51 series on Linux

While switching from N76E003 to the MS51FB9AE, I realized that nuvoprog doesn’t target the latter.
After some digging around, I found nuvoprog2 which supports the MS51FB series. But it errors out with the following message:

$ nuvoprog2 config decode -t MS51FB
Error: Target device ‘MS51FB’ not found

The above command works without connecting to a NuLink programmer (useful for testing).


  • I have tried replacing the target device name with all combinations and cases.
  • Spun up a VM with a fresh Debian install to rule out any faulty installation or dependency issues.

Has anyone successfully uploaded to the MS51Fx series ? I have a few MS51FC0AE lying around as well that I’d like to tinker with.